Glossary of Macintosh Terms

Object-oriented graphic:  An image made up of individual, mathematically defined objects, rather than a collection of bits.  Typically created by draw programs, which are based on either PostScript or QuickDraw.  Also called a vector graphic.  Compare bitmapped graphic.

OCR:  Optical Character Recognition, a technology that lets you scan a printed page (with a scanner) and convert it into a text document that you can edit in a word processor.  Som OCR software also works with files received by a fax modem.

OEM:  Original Equipment Manufacturer.  A company that produces a product that isn’t sold on its own but instead is incorporated into another company’s product.  For example, Quantum is an OEM that makes hard disks sold under different names by other companies.  Sometimes OEM is used as a verb:  “Quantum OEMs disk drives for Apple.”

OLE (OLE 2):  Object Linking and Embedding.  A Microsoft technology that gives programs a standard way to incorporate objects, such as graphics and spreadsheet charts, into documents.  Objects can be embedded into documents or merely linked (a reference to the original object is stored in the document rather than a copy of the actual object).

On-line:  Actively connect to other computers or devices.  You’re …

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How to Record Skype Calls on iPhone/iPad

Skype is fast and common software that offers people around the world online services/communication via voice and audio Skype calls, instant messages etc. It is convenient to people who want to stay in touch with friends. And in this era, Skype is not only used by people who just want to have informal conversations but also used by professionals, business people as they use it to carry out conferences, interviews or lessons. And for that reason, many would wish to find a solution on how to record some of their lessons and so much more to playback in the future. So let us unveil to you the simple softwares you could use to have your Skype conversation recorded on your iPhone or iPad.

Apowersoft Recorder (iPhone/iPad)

APowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder is full featured and simple software used for capturing screen on iPhone/iPad devices. The program allows users to capture any kind of screen actions such as games, videos/pictures and mirror their devices to PC for superior observable experience. The tool will also give you different options for modification. For example; the video quality, video format which are GIF,MP4,WMV or MP4 etc, you select your preferred arrangement quality. Besides, Apowersoft comes with …

How to Record Skype Calls on Android

Recording Skype conversations is like a trend nowadays although many people are left behind and still figuring out how to record their Skype calls, you find that the biggest number of people use it for quick communication, businesses etc and they would have loved to record the calls for future reference of which Skype alone cannot do. You need to have a Skype recorder for it to work. Therefore, today in this guide, I cannot miss the chance to share with you some capable recording applications that would help you record your Skype calls on your Android without any hassle for future use. Below are a few of the most efficient Skype recording tools and we will be showing you how to use them.

1. APowersoft Screen Recorder

APowersoft Screen Recorder is free software which can be downloaded directly from Google Play. The program comes with a very simple interface for all users and provides adaptable capture modes which permit users to form Screencast for distinct region, full screen which records the whole screen and app window etc. With this app, it is possible to save your recorded Skype conversations in different formats for example; WEBM, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, …

How to Record Skype Calls on Windows/Mac

Skype is a common tool in the world which provides free communication through an internet connection by video/audio calls and instant messages. The app is used by different kinds of people all over the world just to keep in touch and do video calling to see the faces of people that they have taken year s and years without seeing.

It is amazing how it works, and now even professionals find it really convenient to use as they can manage to screen share and also exchange documents/files on the computer with their bosses and colleagues. However, Skype has got just one problem: it does not come with recording software yet the majority of you would have loved or wish to record some of the important calls you get and you keep wondering how to go about it, what to do to get your calls recorded.

Think no more now, the third-party developers came up with technology improvements like Talk helper Skype recorder applications just to make sure you get that next interview, lesson, conference and personal conversations recorded so that you can have something to look at and memorize in the future.

What you need now is to install a …