How to Record Skype Calls on Android

Recording Skype conversations is like a trend nowadays although many people are left behind and still figuring out how to record their Skype calls, you find that the biggest number of people use it for quick communication, businesses etc and they would have loved to record the calls for future reference of which Skype alone cannot do. You need to have a Skype recorder for it to work. Therefore, today in this guide, I cannot miss the chance to share with you some capable recording applications that would help you record your Skype calls on your Android without any hassle for future use. Below are a few of the most efficient Skype recording tools and we will be showing you how to use them.

1. APowersoft Screen Recorder

APowersoft Screen Recorder is free software which can be downloaded directly from Google Play. The program comes with a very simple interface for all users and provides adaptable capture modes which permit users to form Screencast for distinct region, full screen which records the whole screen and app window etc. With this app, it is possible to save your recorded Skype conversations in different formats for example; WEBM, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, MOV, VOB, MP4 & MPEG. APowersoft is superior because it can record Skype audio & mobile screen activities in HD videos at the same time, The app allows you to pause in case of any emergency and you can resume to continue with the recording form where it got paused. Also it enables you to screen capture a mass of video clips as it ensures good quality sound. The screen capture feature is amazing because it can turn out into pictures if you want to. In addition, this software enables it users to record the audio from microphone plus record games with comments and lessons and after you are free to share them or delete the recording in the recording folder.

Besides, let us see how to record Skype video calls on your Android with APowersoft screen recorder.

How to record Skype calls using APowersoft Screen Recorder.

  • Download/install APowersoft software from Google Play to your Android phone.

  • Once the installation is done, launch APowersoft screen recorder on your Android.
  • Adjust the audio Input according to your wish
  • If you want to record both video and audio at the same time, choose system sound & microphone. Although supposing you only need to record just one side of the voice, you then choose System sound.

  • Once you are done with selecting, you will have the right to start recording the Skype conversations by simply clicking on the Record button.
  • During the Skype call, you will see the pause button which lets you to pause and resume the recording if you want to at any given time.
  • The app automatically stores Skype videos to WMV format but it allows you to change to different formats if you want through configuring the settings in Tools then Options. You will be able to see WEBM, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, MOV, VOB, MP4 & MPEG formats. With this, it clearly means you will be able to export your videos to other devices without having to convert.

  • When you get done with your selection, click “OK”
  • After you finish the recording, click on the “stop” button to end the call.

    2. CV-RECORD

CV-Record is simple recorder software for Android users only. The tool is efficient and easy to install with such a flexible interface for all the end-users. It allows users to record Skype conversations in different formats such as WAV, AMR/ 3GP. This app not only does it record video Skype calls but also from different platforms like Viber, Whatsapp & Email etc. It comes with record filter configuration feature which informs you which contacts are recorded and which are not. The software will let you share your Skype recordings on viber etc. In addition,  it comes in two versions, the free trial version and the paid version. The free version allows you to test record for free for only 15 seconds on both video and audio Skype conversation. You can download CV-Record software from the Google Play Store to start recording Skype conversations on your Android perfectly.

How to Record Skype calls using CV-Record

  • Downalod/install CV-Record from Google Play store to your Android.
  • Once the installation is done, the first thing to do is to open the CV-Record and create an account through Google Drive account. Drop Box account.
  • After that step, the app will be ready to record away anything. It comes with an automated recording mode. So if you don’t like to record your Skype conversations automatically, you can disable them to record calls manually by clicking on the record button.

  • The drop-down arrow shows you where to turn on the automatic recording from.

  • You have the capability to choose your class recording position on your Android and playback your recordings in the future. Set your Skype record settings for example format, source & record detain for video & audio calls.
  • Position your record filter such as default modes, record size as well as disregarded contacts for recording. You either change or select your desired language
  • To change to your preferred language, go to settings then select the language after you close the application and it will change to your selected language.

Tips for Recording Skype Calls.

Test Record

  • This one is a must, never start a Skype recording minus testing it first. To avoid all the inconveniences during your Skype recording sessions, test record to find out if there are no problems involved. Once you find out everything is fine. Then you can start recording.

Restrain background noise

  • Whenever you have a Skype recording schedule, you have to organise prior to the real date. Find a very nice quiet place with good lighting because by doing so; you will have saved so much time during your Skype sessions as opposed to figuring it out at that particular time.

Close other programs

  • If you do not want any cut-offs or disturbances during your Skype recording, then it’s always better to close all the other running WebPages just to make your recording smooth and faster.

Use Earphone/Headphones

  • I highly suggest you find earphones or headphones before you start your Skype recordings because they will help you prevent the echoe and all the noise that might come from the background during your recording sessions. Also they make you more focused as you won’t be in position to hear anything from the outside.

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