How to Record Skype Calls on iPhone/iPad

Skype is fast and common software that offers people around the world online services/communication via voice and audio Skype calls, instant messages etc. It is convenient to people who want to stay in touch with friends. And in this era, Skype is not only used by people who just want to have informal conversations but also used by professionals, business people as they use it to carry out conferences, interviews or lessons. And for that reason, many would wish to find a solution on how to record some of their lessons and so much more to playback in the future. So let us unveil to you the simple softwares you could use to have your Skype conversation recorded on your iPhone or iPad.

Apowersoft Recorder (iPhone/iPad)

APowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder is full featured and simple software used for capturing screen on iPhone/iPad devices. The program allows users to capture any kind of screen actions such as games, videos/pictures and mirror their devices to PC for superior observable experience. The tool will also give you different options for modification. For example; the video quality, video format which are GIF,MP4,WMV or MP4 etc, you select your preferred arrangement quality. Besides, Apowersoft comes with other various audio Input for your recording that you can always select to record microphone, system sound, the two or nothing at all depending on your demand. This app will be a total satisfaction for you.

How to record using APowersoft

  • Download/install Apowersoft program on your iPhone/iPad

  • After launch the software on your device and open options menu to adjust required settings for example the output format as well as the video quality.
  • When you are through with adjusting the settings, you will have to swipe up from the bottom of your device to approach control centre & then tap AirPlay to permit mirroring.

  • After, you will be free to your video recording by simply taping on the Start recording button which is on the top left edge of APowersoft app.
  • When you are through with your recording, tap on the Stop button to halt the recording.
  • The recorded files will be automatically stored once you end the call and to review them for future use, you will tap on the Open Folder alongside the recording button to playback.
  • This software will enable you to also present your iPhone device on the computer with so much simplicity. It permits users to exhibit various things for example Videos, Games, Images as well as so much more files on your PC all at once.

2, QuickVoice Recorder

QuickVoice recorder is free and advanced software for iPhone/iPad users. The program allows users to record audio Skype conversations without any functional limitations. It is ideal for voice mails, lessons, conferences, voice memos etc. The app is also free to download and it will allow you to record at your own pace because it come with the Pause and Resume button. This is a useful feature for recording, as we all know that sometimes people get some unavoidable circumstances during the recording, so in case anything ever happens while recording your Skype calls, let’s say you have just started recording your Skype conversation and then you get an emergency meeting with your Boss. What you do is to tap the pause button for a moment, and when you are through, you can resume the recording and it will begin recording again from where it got paused.

The app is fast and comes with adjustable recording qualities such as flip mode for Microphone on top recording and it also allows users to play their recorded files via Speaker, ear buds and earphones. Interestingly, it is possible to sync your recorded files to a computer as it displays file sizes & time stamps. With this application, you can set your recording alarm with a nice ringtone, and it also enables you to rename your recorded files if you desire for easy access in the future if you want to playback the recordings. I recommend this Skype recording application because it has a simple interface and it’s just one click away to have your Skype conversations recorded.

How to Record Skype calls using QuickVoice Recorder

QuickVoice recorder software will let you record you Skype conversations effortlessly at whatever time you have a phone conversation. So let us see how to have those calls recorded on your iPhone/iPad.

  • Download/install free QuickVoice software on your device.

  • Once the installation is done, you will tap the record button & it definitely will be set to start recording your Skype calls
  • You will place your call from Skype then.
  • Once you make the Skype call, run QuickVoice software & Tap the Record button and the app will begin recording right way and in good high quality.

  • Now, on you device, open the Task manager to shift between the recording app & Skype.
  • After recording, you will have to hit the Stop Button in order to halt the Skype recording.
  • Once you have stopped the recording, your recorded files with be a specified folder for a playback in the future.

Tips for Recording Skype calls.

  • Always make sure to inform the other party on the phone that you are recording the conversation you are having because recording calls is not legal in some countries, so to be on the safe side, i advise you to let the other person know.
  • Go away from noise, whenever you are about to make a Skype call recording. Look for a quite place that will not destruct you with any kind of echoes so that you will have clear recordings for future reference.
  • Use earphones or an in ear microphone if you what to be able to hear your Skype conversations loud and clear, the will obviously help you to pick up the sound fast when you answer the phone call.


The two recording softwares i have discussed in this tutorial article are efficient and easy to download. Install them on your iPhone or iPad device to have a different experience or recording Skype conversations.

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