Top 14 Screen Recorder Software for Windows

Most of us love to keep records, of course that’s quite inevitable. And, usually we get stranded. That is as well inevitable. It’s incredible to get a chance talk about top screen recorder software for windows (<<<<<<<<<<<==== Free FULL license inside with Free Download link for a premium screen recorder).  In many ways, you have/will find yourself wishing you could record that game or that video that’s playing on your PC, but you don’t know what to do.

Good news! I’m excited to tell you that there are third party apps for windows 7-10 etc that could record screen video, screen capture, stream games and a lot more. These are basically apps that can record anything on the PC and also you will be able to save those recordings in different formats.  In fact, they have the capability of only recording the parts you would love of your screen.


There are several factors to consider when choosing a best recorder and the most common of these are, it has to have an editing option you could use to better screenshots taken from a screen recording and should be able to support adding notes to videos taken and not to forget another vital one, (Record picture in picture) which actually helps you to capture video from PC screen as well as the webcam.

Well, let’s just ride straight into the list.Here are some of the best screen recorder software i gathered that you could use on your windows PC to start video recording and other activities.


TalkHelper Screen Recorder

I’m sure most people have heard about this app. Clearly, Talkhelper is one the best screen recording software for windows. It’s free, simple to use and does more than just recording the full screen of your PC, provided you are its user, you have the freedom to record specific parts on your screen and other stuff like being able to use webcam to screen record.

Fortunately, with this tool, you can as well insert texts to your videos after screen recording & guess what? You can still save to your PC’s HD and share them with friends on other sites, such as Youtube. Precisely, below are Talkhelper’s Pros & Cons;


  • Allow users to edit videos
  • Ability to record from webcam
  • Offers various recording formats
  • Capability to save videos on other platforms


  • Its demo is limited to 14 days

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

There’s so much to love about this screen recording software! Apowersoft screen recorder is pretty much handy which can be used to take several screenshots of your screen video or audio, and edit photos taken from the PC.

This program has got almost every capture tool we’re all looking for and has got great quality for recordings, you will be able to manage it in whichever way you like-if it means taking a capture of the whole screen, well & good -if it’s just some parts on the screen, it supports that too!. To summarize, the tool is a great screen recorder but you will find it disappointing for one reason, it has got fake buttons you would think are directing you to more options, yet it’s just links to its other sites.


  • Captures both PC & audio (microphone)
  • Schedule recordings and shutdown times feature
  • Record full screen /portions
  • Various formats mp4, wmv, mkv for video, and wav, mp3 or wma for audio


  • Has false buttons
  • Displays links in the menu
  • Minimal interface

Camtasia Studio for Windows

Camtasia Studio Screen Recorder is among the best screen recording software for windows PC with such an easy to read interface. You will be impressed by the way it effectively records screen on your desktop as well as capture. The app will get its job done once its configured, one of the most exciting things about this recorder is that it allows you to record videos in picture-in-picture webcam, not only that but also, audio probably from other sources. Check out some of its pros and cons below,


  • Records both screen & just any sound from other apps
  • Plenty of editing tools
  • Its video files are much smaller


  • Has no scheduling feature
  • Its pricy

Ezvid Screen Recorder

The app is currently available for Windows 10, but in order to use it for screen recording, you will have to install it first on PC. Recording screen with this software is so easy.

What’s exciting about it, is that it’s a user friendly tool that’s been used to create more than just millions of videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and other sites you may think of. That means Ezvid offers you total management over screen recording and screen capture on your screen. Of course, there are cons & pros of this recording tool, Take a closer look at them below;


  • Comes with editing features
  • Records any activity on screen
  • Has a sleek interface
  • Allows you to upload videos
  • High quality videos with no watermarks


  • Doesn’t zoom recorded videos
  • Never hides its recording tool
  • Does not record for more than 45mins
  • No option for saving videos on PC, only support other sites mentioned earlier

Bandicam Screen Recorder

Yet another software that absolutely deserves to be mentioned on this list. Bandicam Screen Recorder is one of the best recording software in recent years for windows 7,8,10, & Windows xp.

You will get it at zero cost and it will allow you to record any project on your screen, whether its videos, streaming games or any other important work videos, for it, it will be in position to get you covered. It will brilliantly enable you take captures of your screen, In addition, you can save or share with friends all the videos on Facebook and your YouTube channel.


  • Has no virus
  • Allows users to add logos on recorded videos
  • Flexible to record any part of the screen
  • Lets you to add your voice in the video


  • No lifetime recording with the demo

Icecream Screen Recorder

Believe it or not, Icecream Screen Recorder is an excellent tool that was designed to let you have several screen capture of your PC. This application is just one of a kind that will offer almost all the functions you may need to start recording videos. You will be provided with options to record your screen, and by that I mean, you can choose to take only valid parts of the video or the entire screen.

Furthermore, you can as well record all the online videos you see on YouTube. I will definitely recommend it, and so I will share its benefits here that made me include it on my list.


  • Free to install
  • Capable of saving screenshots on your computer’s Hard Drive
  • Offers variety of formats to save videos
  • Has an in-built editor


  • Its screen blacks out
  • Has no audio

OBS Studio For Windows

In quite many ways, you will make Open Broadcaster Software your best tool. It’s a competitive one that is primarily used for video recording on windows, Linux and Mac. OBS is free and can do more than just live streaming on your computer.

It also was developed to capture audio or video recordings and more, the best thing I like about it, is once you finish recording your games and other videos, you have the option of editing them and proceed to share on other sites. Another thing is that it’s open to taking unlimited screenshots for both video and audio recordings.


  • It’s Lightweight and clean
  • Supports live streaming & game play


  • Doesn’t support Windows Xp
  • Permits users to edit videos

Debut Video Capture

Debut is one of the greatest screen recorders of all time. It’s a software used for screen casting as well as video capture for windows PC. For some reason, it’s easily managed when using it to take screen capture of the entire screen of your computer, for instance: if you don’t fancy taking a capture of the whole screen, you can still take them in portions you get to select, even if it means just taking one window, it’s very achievable. For the people who would like to record videos in different formats, this is it-you can record in these, MP4, MOV, WMV etc.


  • Supports both audio & video recording
  • Allows you to mark videos
  • Has change of colour video settings


  • Its trail is limited
  • Its laggy sometimes

SmartPixel For Windows

The first thing to know about SmartPixel software is that its free and used for video screen recording  and editing for windows. The app will provide you with some games screen recording, plus other computer recordings you may think of like, desktop screen videos and various tutorials which will be in high quality.

With no doubt, you will use it to screen capture your video recordings and also edit to the grade you may think is worth to share on YouTube channel for your friends to watch. You will be able to find editing tools like, inserting cool captions, crop unwanted clips from videos you recorded previously, and not to forget the quick or slow playback part. We found the application handy & now let’s check out some of the advantages and disadvantages it comes with.


  • Has a simple interface
  • Suitable with almost all the video capturing for PC games


  • Only promotes 720P Hard Drive

BB FlashBack Express

BB FlashBack Express Screen Recorder is amazing in a way that it allows you to capture screen and things like your webcam on windows. It’s so happens that this software lets you to record video in formats for example avi, mp4 &wmv which is a choice, you only record in formats only if you wish too.

In addition, you will have choice to enhance your recorded videos with catchy texts, and some music, if you don’t like your videos to remain basic. Oh! Also, you can remove clips you don’t need from video screen recording. Sound good, Right?


  • Its free
  • Can capture webcam
  • Supports both screen recording and sounds
  • It’s unlimited
  • Has no watermarks, super clean interface


  • The express version doesn’t support video editing

TinyTake Screen Recorder

If you want a video recording tool that is free to install and can take screen captures in a blink, then you should try TinyTake. This software is available for windows 7 and it should be able to help you capture videos recorded of your PC screen and share with your people on various site.


  • Free software
  • Supports recording videos, screen capture & sharing
  • Its feature rich
  • Enables both zooming in & out


  • Not ideal for huge live streaming
  • The free version supports no annotations


Are you looking for a screen recorder that will charge you zero cost for windows? Look no further, as Screencast-O-Matric offers you video recording and editing features to make your recording sessions fun and simpler.

It’s one with the most user friendly interfaces that will help you get the job done in minutes. I inform you that, not only this software is free, but will also let you capture your screen in many ways, for example, it has the ability to capture the full screen, and other separate portions.


  • Free to download
  • Has got all editing tools for videos
  • There’s Zoom feature
  • Allows sharing
  • Ideal for business


iSpring Free Cam

iSpring Free Cam is yet another free software for screen casting and video recording for windows. You won’t regret using it as it can help you to make screen casts on desktop. Additionally, you can even edit recorded videos to make them more beautiful for the people you would love to share them with or those that would watch them on YouTube once it’s sent. The quality it offers is on point, no watermarks, no nothing, so be confident you have a smooth experience using this software.


  • It’s full featured
  • Can edit out noise from videos
  • Records your system sounds


  • Available for only windows 7,8& 10

ShareX Screen Recorder

I really don’t mind admitting to you that i found ShareX Screen Recorder convenient and above all it’s a free program for windows that will authorize its users to take different screen captures also any inaction on your PC. With this tool, there’s much more you will do with your screen shots and video screen recording, PC games etc. and by that, I mean, you will get excited to realise that you can share videos with just a single button on your screen.

If you are not sure to share your videos because of some parts you may not necessarily need others to see, then you can always trim them out, add cool texts to enhance the video the best way you know how. Its upto you to utilise the editing features it provides you anyway.


  • Records nearly all video screen ie Entire window, only active part, auto screen capture etc
  • Comes with a sharing feature
  • Easy to take Desktop capture & screenshots


  • Only available for windows

With this list, i hope you will find you way to get a screen recorder for yourself


Factors to look into when you choose the best Screen recorder

After sharing this list, Today, the majority could know where and how to get a screen recorder on your PC and as much as it could be easy for you to download these apps, you might as well need to consider some factors that would predict a good software to use for video screen recording and screen casting.

Therefore, making up your mind on which one to go for then turns into a challenge of studying different features on the internet. Well, to save you the burden, here I come up with some tips on the factors that you may need to consider to make your decision if you were still contemplating.

Recording quality

Please, don’t allow your budget stop you from having good software that will give you high quality video recordings on your PC. It is very important to have quality videos, you may need to share that tutorial you recorded sometime back at work, but will be disappointed at the quality you get. Personally, I would ask you to make an effort and test these apps before making a final decision.

If you try one and the quality is not the best, don’t fail to try the next one. Record quality and be proud. I will use TalkHelper screen recorder as an example; this software is exceptional, yes, probably, you have heard stories or read about it too! There’s no doubt with this one! It is just perfect when it comes to recording videos and screen in high quality. So, if it’s not this particular one, look for something like this one and you will not regret.

Support picture-in-picture

To be honest, high quality screen recording software must support recording screen and webcam at the time very well. Therefore, you should consider one that can record both the screen & webcam simultaneously, and should as well serve you with the perfect quality sound when you record your videos.  Reason being is that most tutorials need to be recorded in picture-in-picture.

Operating Systems

Screen recording software that is open to all versions of windows is what we call goals!. As we all know that there are different windows, not just windows 10 like some people may think, simply because it’s the one that is commonly used. You may have to really look into the OS and know how the recorder will work in the system, Therefore, Operating system is way important to find out before you get that screen recorder on your PC.

Watermark free

A recorded video with watermarks puts you in a tight position not to share it with friends, and even when it’s kept for future use, it does not give you much joy or hype like a clear one would. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to have high quality video recordings? I believe no one! So, when looking for a great recorder, always try to read the reviews or Cons of the software.

You don’t want to install one, and then sulk at it. Get software that will not make your videos look ugly, but those that will always put a smile on your face.

In-buit-editing features

Of course, there are different types of screen recording software, of which you won’t manage to go testing each and every recorder you come across on the internet. What you should know is that some come with In built editing features and others don’t.

If you are the kind that likes playing around with your videos by adding captions, music & images etc, Then I would recommend you to get those that have editing features as opposed to the ones that just record and save. How you will know, is read its features or reviews from its official website.

Video & audio capability

This is the feature that makes life even better, when you have recording software that supports both video and audio at the same time, you won’t feel the same way about your recordings. This gives you an opportunity to record anything you want, be it video interviews or just music. So, my point here is that you should make this a priority. You want to get the best, find a recorder that supports both.


Are you the kind of user who wouldn’t wish to spend much on screen recording apps? Do you really find that a challenge and it kind of stops you from installing one on your PC? Well, if you apply to this class of users, then I would advise you to go in for software that are free or those that offer you a few days to record your screen. I believe with some recorders, to get the best out of it or to get unlimited recording/editing features, you need to invest in a little. This is totally up to you.


I sincerely hope that this article has helped you understand what the screen recorders are capable of and their factors that you should consider if you plan on getting yourself one.